Pamela Colby DHP DHA GQHP, MSAAc.                                                             Clinical Hypnotherapy, Auricular Acupuncture, Hypno-Band Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Healer



Pamela is based in Thanet (East Kent, UK) and works (by appointment only) from several locations in the vicinity. 

Pamela is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Analysis and specialises in weight management issues and dis-ordered eating.  Also a qualified and Licensed in Auricular Acupuncture,  A Licenced Hypno-Band Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Intuitive Counsellor and Spiritual Healer.  In addition Pamela uses counseling, cognitive behavior therapy and coaching techniques to assist her clients in reaching their goals. 


Having spent many years working within the Pharmaceutical Science (Clinical Studies) and the Biomedical Science Industries, Pamela opted to redirect her interest in psychology and focus on a more direct involvement with people and the mind body connection. 


After first hand experience of witnessing the side effects of drug therapy, Pamela wanted to explore complementary therapy treatments. This led to an interest in the remarkable success rates of clinical hypnotherapy and after much research into this area, Pamela chose to change direction and explore this therapeutic path.  


Pamela studied at The Kent Institute of Clincal Hypnosis, studying a course written by the highly respected Hypnotherapist Terence Watts, (....Warriors, Settlers & Nomads....) graduating with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Hypno-analysis. 


Pamela also hold a Diploma in Auricular Acupuncture from the College Auricular Acupuncture and is Licenced by Thanet District Council.  


The human body has far more potential for health and to heal itself than we are lead to believe. 


Almost nothng that asks us ot change is cut and dried.   If it were, we would have already done it, wouldn't we? 


Whether your problem is a fear of spiders... a need to quit smoking... a lack of confidence and self esteme or you feel your life lacks meaning ....   There's a big wide world out there, so if you feel you are swimming in the opposite direction to everyone else, it takes courage to change.


Hypnotherapy can give you nourishment to be true to yourself and find the person you want to be. That's the power of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy and Auricular Acupuncture a powerful combination.


The power of the mind and its ability to affect change on the physical body may shock you.   However, a therapist CANNOT just, ‘wave a magic wand’  at a passive client and save you from yourself.   Clients must be prepared to actively commit, to making positive changes to old habits and practices. 


Unlike conventional medicine, complementary or holistic therapies treat the WHOLE PERSON. Significant changes can and do happen in just one session.  However, the sub-conscious mind, is there to protect you.  Its job is to resist any change it may perceive as a threat.   In the earliest stages of treatment, it can feel as if nothing is shifting.   So a program of tailored treatment sessions will help to,  gently, de-program old, negative habits and responses.  This will stop positive changes coming unravelled.   Each successive sessions will reinforce the previous ones.  A tailored program sessions are designed to ‘hard wire’ positive changes into the subconscious mind of the client.


The sub-conscious mind is complex.  A seemingly miraculous cure, can come unravelled.  Especially, if issues are complicated e.g. Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Anger Management, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc .....   Consequently, it's really important that the subconscious mind releases itself gradually from long term fear, to avoid unnecessary distress. 

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